May 2024

Sex Trafficked to Lingerie Business Owner: Meet Kay Lang Founder of Vixen & Fox

Vixen & Fox emerges as one of the hottest and most captivating lingerie labels in Australia. However, this lingerie means so much more to creator Kay Lang than meets the eye. This is a story about a journey marked by self-discovery and resilience in the midst of many harrowing personal challenges.

Tell us about yourself and what drove you to start Vixen & Fox.

Originally from Sydney, I shifted to the Gold Coast to pursue a business degree and a part-time job. During this period, I met an American man with ambitious plans to open Latin Caribbean restaurants. However, our romance led to his true colours being unveiled as an international fugitive and a violent criminal.

He threatened the lives of my family members and subsequently forced me to travel with him across the United States as an escort for months before I needed to return to Sydney to renew my visa. Finally, I was questioned by law enforcement and assisted US district attorneys as their key witness in building a case against him, leading to his 27-year jail sentence.

I had to find my voice again after this terrifying experience at the age of 27; I chose luxurious lingerie to reconnect with my sexuality again in a positive way and to self-liberate from all that wasn’t me and encourage other women to do the same.

Starting something from scratch is always a challenge. How did you push yourself to regain your confidence after the terrifying ordeal you went through?

I didn’t like the alternative…living my life as a victim.

I wanted emotional independence. After escaping that terrible situation, I realised I suffered from replaying events and focusing on external factors. I finally faced my reality and began a healing journey which was tough, but I practised self-love and awareness to change my mindset. Now, I feel love, gratitude, and acceptance most of the time. It was well worth the fight because everything has kept getting better and better.

How does your product connect to the Vixen & Fox women?

Quality over quantity is how the Vixen & Fox women live. Wearing Vixen & Fox lingerie completes her luxurious look and even if only she knows what is underneath, that’s all that matters. She wears our pieces in the bedroom but loves to wear them under a beautifully tailored blazer too, showing off the details just a bit. She loves our brand and feels aligned with our values: authenticity, integrity and connection.

Describe your entrepreneurial journey of self-confidence in three words.

Tenacious, audacious and courage.

The lingerie industry is slowly shifting from the lens of a male fantasy into a beacon of female empowerment; what more needs to be done to keep this work in constant progress?

There is no denying that as women we like to look nice for our partners in some beautiful lingerie but wearing something beautiful will only take you so far in life. Although I see our lingerie pieces as a symbol of liberation, a tool for transformation and a homage to self-expression, there needs to be more substance to a brand than declaring that their lingerie can improve women’s confidence or self-worth.

My personal story is entwined within the brand; it is the reason it was born. So, I don’t just talk the talk when it comes to female empowerment; every single day I’m improving myself, not just for myself but to lead by example for women who come across our brand.

We want to continue creating content with depth, that will not only promote our beautiful lingerie but also provide valuable information to women. We aim to be the trail blazers in this space, thinking outside the box when it comes to talking about female empowerment.

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What advice do you have for someone wishing to start a business despite dealing with countless setbacks?

You must be passionate about what you do. It can be difficult to work through the hard times when you’re struggling with cash flow or when sales are up and down. I tried to start various ventures before Vixen & Fox, none of which were in the fashion space because I had no experience! But one day I took a leap of faith and decided to start a lingerie brand. I went through years of feeling out of my depth. That’s one feeling you must embrace, along with failure. If everything is easy and you never fail, what are you learning?

I want to leave a legacy and not just make some quick money. If you want to do that too, understand it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The quicker you can learn to appreciate the journey, the more enjoyable it will be. Everything takes longer than you think, be patient with the process and with yourself as you become who you need to be along the way!

What’s 2024 looking like for Vixen & Fox?

This year we have a strong focus on wholesale. Partnering with great boutiques will allow us to get our brand out there and allow people to see it in person.

We’ve just secured a spot at the Evolution Concept Show in New York in August. We can’t wait to connect with the US buyers and launch Vixen & Fox into the US market.

I will also be working with The Freedom Hub and their survivor school more, sharing my experience with survivors and giving back where I can.

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