June 2024

About us

What is the Modern Muse Magazine?

The Modern Muse Magazine is your go-to guide to keeping up to date with the latest conversations and trends that shape today’s zeitgeist. With an Australian focus, we delve into topics that matter to you and create a spotlight for inspiring people who are making positive contributions to the world around us.

With novel reviews, restaurant recommendations, and features on local businesses, we keep you in the know. Expect product reviews, stylish outfits from Australian designers, an advice column, and a wellness section because your health matters to us.

So, join us to stay informed, inspired and to be the ultimate Modern Muse.

What is a Modern Muse?

A Modern Muse is someone who is not only informed and educated on the latest news and topics that shape today’s zeitgeist, but they also keep up with the ever-evolving worlds of literature, dining, activities, and fashion.

A Modern Muse is intellectually curious, constantly seeking knowledge and staying up to date with the latest trends in literature. They have a discerning palate and explore the culinary scene. Engaging in a range of activities, she seeks to broaden her horizons and immerse herself in cultural pursuits. A Modern Muse effortlessly blends style and fashion, embracing the latest trends while adding their own personal touch. Taking care of their health is also a priority, as they recognise the importance of physical and mental well-being.

A Modern Muse, therefore, embodies a balanced and dynamic lifestyle, inspiring others with their knowledge, passion, and commitment to personal growth.

Do you want to be a Modern Muse? Our magazine is here to help.

What does our magazine feature?

Thought-provoking articles

Dive into articles exploring topics that matter to you, from thought-provoking insights on contemporary issues to shedding light on important topics. Stay informed and join the conversation!

Inspiring Profiles

Meet remarkable young Australians who are making positive contributions to our world. Their stories of passion, resilience, and impact will leave you inspired and motivated to create change.

Novel Reviews

Get lost in the world of literature with our reviews of captivating novels. Explore new Australian authors and genres, and discover your next literary adventure.

Restaurant and activity recs

Explore the place we call home with our activity recommendations and indulge your taste buds with our mouth-watering suggestions for the best dining experiences across Australia. Uncover hidden gems and satisfy your foodie cravings!

Small Business Highlights

Support local and explore the incredible offerings of Australian small businesses. Discover unique products, services, and the stories behind these inspiring ventures.

Product Reviews

Stay up to date with our insightful product reviews. We test and share our thoughts on must-have items that enhance your lifestyle, so you can make informed choices.

Partnerships Spotlight

Explore exciting collaborations and partnerships that bring you exclusive content and special offers. We partner with brands that align with our values and provide value to our readers.

Fashion & Style

Step into the world of Australian designers with stunning outfits that are crafted by Innasya Mackenzie our resident stylist. Each outfit aims to reflect the latest trends whilst showcasing local talent. Elevate your style and embrace the unique fashion landscape.

Advice Column

Seeking guidance? Our advice column is here for you. Submit your questions, and Amber Sargeant our resident psychologist will provide insightful and helpful responses to empower you on your journey.

Health and Wellness

Nurture your body with our health and wellness section. Find solace, positivity, and techniques to enhance your overall health and mental wellness.

So, why should you read our magazine?

Because we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive resource that informs, inspires, and allows you to become the ultimate Modern Muse.

Meet our Founder

Lauren Dickson

Lauren is a Melbourne-based writer who loves to immerse herself in the latest trends and conversations, seamlessly blending her love for writing with the pulse of contemporary culture. Her unique perspective and eloquent voice make her a compelling storyteller who bridges the gap between the written word and the world’s vibrant news of today. And thus, The Modern Muse Magazine was born; a go-to guide for all things relevant in today’s society.

With an Australian focus, she and her team bring you the latest news and topics that shape today’s zeitgeist. We delve into issues that matter to you and create a spotlight for topics we know you are going to love and connect with.

As a Modern Muse is someone who is up to date on current events and trends that shape our social media and news cycle, we believe our magazine is the perfect way to stay “in the know”.

So, join us to stay informed, inspired and to become the ultimate Modern Muse.