May 2024

How to Recreate Winter Nail Trends at Home

We are here to show you how you can recreate winter nail trends at home using our favourite SAMA Nail Polishes. Prepare to lead this season with style.

If you are a nail enthusiast then this article is for you! This winter, we are going to see nail trends that are a blend of sophistication, bold patterns, and understated elegance that can elevate any look. But fear not my friends because gone are the days of spending hours (and not to mention hundreds of dollars) in the nail salon because we are here to show you how you can recreate winter nail trends at home using our favourite SAMA Nail Polishes. Prepare to lead this season with style.


Simple yet significant, big stars on nails have been trending across various social media FYP’s, adding a playful touch to nail art. To recreate this look, use SAMA’s Ashley polish as a basecoat and the colour Holly to paint on the stars.

SAMA Nail Polish in Ashley (left) and Holly (right), $29. Shop here.

Coloured French Tips

Coloured French tips are an innovative twist on the classic French manicure. This summer, we saw colourful and multicoloured French tips take over however as we transition into colder weather, a deep red will become the preferred colour for a chic, modern look. Recreate this look with a clear basecoat, SAMA’s Holly polish and a French nail art stamper.

SAMA Nail Polish in Ashley, $29. Shop here. Amazon French Nail Art Stamper, $14.79. Shop here.

Cherry cola/ cherry wine nails

These deep, moody tones are perfect for any occasion, offering a classy and sophisticated look. They align with the ‘red nail theory,’ suggesting that a minimal effort can still yield a put-together appearance. Be THAT girl and recreate these cola nails with a mix of SAMA’s Ashley and President Chavez polish for a deep red nail that screams elegance and sophistication.

SAMA Nail Polish in Ashley (left) and President Chavez (right), $29. Shop here.

Leopard print/tortoise shell nails

Jacquie Alexander has embraced this trend fully, incorporating warm tones and French tips. Scared to lean into and commit to pattern nails? This style is for those ready to embrace patterns and make a bold statement, without going too far. Despite its complicated look, leopard nails can be easily recreated with a French nail art stamper and SAMA’s President Chavez polish. Once your tips are dry, use a fine brush or the tip of a mini beauty blender to paint on the spots using SAMA’s Rohan polish.

SAMA Nail Polish in President Chavez (left) and Rohan (right), $29. Shop here.


A massive hit last winter, Aura Nails are poised to dominate again with their striking colour combinations like black with baby blue, and plum with pink. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt bright and colourful nails! Aura nails can be recreated by starting off with SAMA’s Brooks polish as a base coat. Then, using a sponge or mini beauty blender, gently dab your colour of choice on the centre of your nail. We suggest using Chawki, a beautiful baby blue. It’s as easy as that!

SAMA Nail Polish in Brooks (left) and Chawki (right), $29. Shop here.


Anything Hayley Bieber tries goes viral, and her glazed nails are no exception. This trend has exploded on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, captivating users with its glossy, eye-catching finish. A year on and we are all still obsessed with glazed nails! The good thing about glazed nails is that they can be created using chrome powder and any nail polish colour you fancy! If you are in the mood for fun, may we suggest SAMA’s Kristen polish otherwise you can’t go wrong with Ashley- SAMA’s classic baby pink.

SAMA Nail Polish in Kristen, $29. Shop here. Amazon White Chrome Nail Powder, $29.99. Shop here.

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